My 500 Words: The Non-Sensical Race War *sigh*


I’m Black.

Unless if I decide to bleach my skin or I acquire vitiligo aka Michael Jackson’s disease, I doubt that would change. I live in the multi-cultural society of  Trinidad and Tobago- well that’s what it says officially. But why is it that in 2012 race is still an issue except on Carnival Monday and Tuesday? Why is it that in 2012, of a country of 1.4 million people, race is STILL an issue? Its something that I won’t understand and I REFUSE to accept it.

They say politics is a great divide, so is race. But a racially driven political divide is even larger than when Moses parted the Red Sea all those years ago. Why is it that when a certain party came in power its almost as though there’s an ethnic cleansing going on in the government ministries. Job positions that were given based on merit are given based on race. Why is it that walking into an office with people of another race feels so strange because basic common courtesies are not being observed. Good Mornings are ignored, please and thank you’s are ignored and the list continues.

When would we realize that we are too small of a country to deal with this racist bullshit. At the end of the day when we hit the US or the UK or any European country, it won’t be the Indian vs African divide- it will all boil down to- White and NOT White. Why it is that some of these self same “Indians” in T&T who pride themselves of being of a high caste, when they DO go back to India to find their roots they are so surprised that they belong to the 3rd and 4th caste (Vaishya and Shudra)? Newsflash, I highly doubt ANYONE from the Brahmin caste was jumping on a boat heading to Trinidad and Tobago in 1845 to be an INDENTURED LABOURER. Some of them when they came to Trinidad changed their names because more often than not, 1. the immigration officials couldn’t spell it, or 2. they wanted to start anew. And this is where the name Maraj or Maharaj came in. Maharaja is the indian word for King. If I were from a lower caste and knowing that I cannot climb into a higher caste in India, if I had a chance to change my situation I’m damn well gonna do it and call myself a KING. However, while I am enjoying my new life in a new place, I will be respectful and treat everyone with the respect that they deserve.

I know, T&T was a slave colony. Slavery was abolished in 1838, so most black folks at that time were either slaves or descendants of such, maybe if we had to put a caste to it, I guess we would fall under the 3rd or 4th caste as labourers or untouchables aka, the same as the folks that came from India in 1845 on the ship called the Fatal Razak to work as Indentured Labourers in the various plantations. Then why is it that we can’t get along? Seriously? Technically we do belong to the same caste when it all boils down to it.. but we’re not in India anymore, we’re in Trinidad and granted the caste system never allowed for upward mobility from caste to caste, we’re not in India. So if we can change our name and bend the rules of the caste then we CAN get along? The caste system was meant to divide and rule and keep people down.

Carnival Time comes, we jump together, dance together, fete together. When it comes to celebrating Eid Ul Fitr and Divali, Emancipation Day, we ALL don our clothes and we celebrate. It makes you feel as though you’re one nation, one people. And then politicians start to talk, and all the togetherness that was achieved——–> down the drains.

Divide and Rule yet again. Whatever happened to love your neighbour as yourself?




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