DAY 1: 500+ Words before 9AM: Knowledge + Action = Power


Knowledge + Action = Power.

Incorrect information/ Knowledge + Action = Misaligned Power…

My company is undergoing a restructuring process. I’m glad for it because it shows that they are really focused on improvement and also increasing productivity but on the other hand I have this feeling that the more things change the more they remain the same.

Last week Monday, was the restructuring exercise for my section. It was a blast, we saw what we had to do, we discussed how we were all going to achieve the sectional goals in an effective manner, however it was a question by the Senior HR Officer that got me quite upset- “Would you folks be amenable to a merger with the technical staff of the other department? I mean, all Geologists are the same, right? And well Engineers and Geophysicists all do the same thing across the board right?

*shocked silence*

Right? Ummm WRONG!

I don’t know what upset me more, having an HR Officer of an energy company ask that question in front of a group of technical staff, or knowing that HR has no idea of what a Geologist does in the organization. You see I try to tell people. Geology, like medicine is a field. In medicine you have General Practitioners- and then you have persons who specialise; cardiologists, OBGYN’s oncologists etc etc. Just like in Geology. We have stratigraphers, sedimentologists, geophysicists, petrologists you name it. However, HR didn’t want to hear it. Maybe in her mind, HR knows all, HR is always correct because they are so knowledgeable in the field of Human Resource and staff relations that they can read the minds of the staff which they oversee and give us what we want. Maybe HR needs a lessons in Mind Reading from Miss Cleo to gain some clarity. Sigh!!

I always tell people, knowledge is power. If you know what you are doing, you can act accordingly and affect positive change, likewise the opposite. How can you be an HR Officer of a company yet you don’t know the roles of each of the disciplines under your purview? What happens during the interviewing process when new staff is being hired? HR’s slip of the tongue made me realize that because of the HR Department’s lack of knowledge in the roles of their technical staff, influences the types of courses they send us on that are related to our daily duties… or in most cases.. NOT!

Business Writing Workshop, Technical Writing Workshop, Powerpoint Presentation Skills Workshop. Nice, But can we go to the Petro Skills Workshop? *DENIED* Can we get this training? Too expensive. It’s related to what we do on a daily basis, it will help us! *DENIED* What hurts most, knowing that you have to shell out your OWN money, to do the same courses that you have been vehemently denied, and the knowledge that you attained is going back to benefit the company that didn’t want you to do the course in the first place.

Seems as though nothing will change with this company restructuring unless certain folks gain some knowledge.of what goes on around them and they systems and persons that they manage.

They say the only thing constant in life is change, but I hope things change and DON’T remain the same.



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