Jaspher Knowles- Plus Sized Designer, Interior Decorator, Entrepreneur


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Last year I got into Plus Sized Modelling (quite by accident). Now it has become a love of mine. So I decided that I needed to interview and feature one of my favourite plus size designers on my blog- Jaspher Knowles. Jaspher is a young designer, well experienced and his accomplishments rival those of other Caribbean designers. What I love about Jaspher is that he loves to put his own touch of beauty in everything that he does and isn’t afraid to be extra creative and step outside the design box. In his designs, Jaspher has shown and proven  us pleasantly plump fashionistas can wear mini skirts, high waisted pants and the wide belts. In essence, Jaspher changes everyone’s perception on plus sized design wear. His work proves that what we THINK plus sized girls CAN’T wear, we damn well could.Keep up the good work Jaspher. I hope to see more work from you in the future.

FT: Tell me about yourself, your background, your interests.
J Knowles: Well I am a 27 year old Entrepreneur who has a passion for fashion and its progressive movement. Born and raised in Nassau Bahamas I got all my training from My Grandmother.. I started off at The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute, but I dropped out when I got an offer to work at Atlantis Hotel.
FT: What does fashion mean to you?
J Knowles: Fashion is my lifestyle. I get nervous when I am not doing anything involving fashion. It’s to the point where my dogs are fashion conscious lol.
FT: When did you realize that you wanted to become a fashion designer? 
J Knowles- Well I realized it from I was about 15 but I knew I was going to be somewhere in the industry because I was more interested in Interior design from 10 decorating weddings with my uncle.
FT: What was the first thing you ever designed?
J Knowles- The first thing I ever designed was my sisters’ prom dress and for my first try I got a great response.
FT:Most of your clothes seemed to be tailored for plus sized girls . Not many designers go down that route, what made you start designing clothes for the pleasantly plump?
J Knowles- Well I often tell the story, I started off with the thin models and designing for them and it was a challenge because they felt “they have arrived” so they were arrogant and it was a turn off. So I was offered a position as the Asst. Director for a Local Plus Pageant here in the Bahamas and the attitudes between the thin and the plus size were Polar Opposites
FT: As a designer what are some of your accomplishments?
J Knowles- Well I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in Full Figured Fashion Week NY 2010 and from that it went up hill I have been in Manic Magazine, Our Local News Papers, I Launched my clothing Line DRAPERY PLUS SIZE CLOTHING and the list goes on.
FT:  What matters to you most as a fashion designer?
J Knowles- When persons wear one of my designs, they are comfortable enough to recommend to someone else.
FT- What are some of the challenges that you face as a designer?
Well being taken seriously as a young businessman and you have to push twice as hard to get noticed.
FT: You not only are a designer but you have also branched off into your own modelling agency, interior decorating and of recent, Miss Plus World, care to share more details on these ventures, especially Miss Plus World?
J Knowles- Well Vintage House is the umbrella for all of my sub companies. If you have questions you will be contact Vintage house then directed to you destination. But Couture Plus is another one of my companies we cater to Plus size woman who have an interest in model. My main goal is to have all of my models signed so that whenever drapery is having a show whether it is here locally or internationally they will always have work because I am always designing. Well My new born baby Miss Plus World. Since being involved in our local Plus pageant I have searched and searched and was unable to find a forum where Plus Queens can come together and compete with interacting and bring awareness to the challenges that the Plus Community face in their country. This Event is scheduled for January 2012. Visit our Facebook page for more info (MS. PLUS WORLD PAGEANT)
FT:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
J Knowles-A business man offering other young persons an opportunity to work in my company which will be a world premiere Fashion House.
FT: Where can readers purchase your clothes? 
J Knowles- Well we are on the eve of launching our website. But for rite now you can follow us on Facebook under (Drapery Plus Size Clothing)
For all you fashion forward men look out for Jaspher’s Male collection J’RAS schedule to launch the end of the year. I hope you like his work as much as I do.
Fabulous Thickie

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  1. I love this interview!!! I also look forward to Mr Knowles work. If he needs a model I am also a call away ;)… Thanks for looking out for the girls who got a lil extra 🙂 lol. Lovey work too Fabulous Thickie

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