Fabulous Thickie



I’m a big girl with rather eclectic tastes. I doubt that will ever change. The idea of being slim, or skinny does not appeal to me, however I love the idea of being healthy. Since I was a young girl it seemed that slim figures were considered beautiful. It took a while for me to realize that beauty is skin deep.

I don’t consider myself plus sized really. The question is, what defines plus size? Do you have to be a over size 10? What defines a “normal” size? I’m sure if I go into a crowd and randomly choose 10 women they won’t be a size 2. It’s about time we accept ourselves for who we are and not what society says we should be.

I am REAL sized. I am FABULOUS and I am THICK… and I am beautiful. Welcome to my blog :-))


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  1. Also a nice colour if it’s allowed to write 🙂 and nice eyes as far as it’s visible.

    Also this kind of thoughts is in the most of the heads of the woman worldwide i think 🙂

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